When are you going to launch? What do you do all day?

When are you going to launch? What do you do all day?

The two dreaded questions that hit us in the face at every social, family or work occasion we’ve attended in the past year.

It seems strange to be ‘fed up’ of being asked these innocent and well-meaning icebreakers. In fact, you could definitely go further and argue that we should have been eternally grateful for any interest at all in Fruity Booty – especially from our family and friends, as without their support we would never have had the confidence to start it up in the first place.

Had it not been for our business, Googling ‘Fruity Booty’ would only come up with the weird Urban Dictionary definition that makes you look at fruit in a completely new light. Sadly, our SEO still isn’t strong enough to override this definition. This has led to some shocked feedback from the older generation when trying to find our site. Minna’s granny being one of the victims.

To be honest we started to resent the questions because of our own insecurities, not because we were bored of dishing out the same evasive answers. The polite conversation starters began to feel like personal digs at us taking over a year to launch and us not working hard enough.

We mistook genuine interest and support for ‘what the hell is taking you so long to launch’ and ‘do you even work, or do you just eat avocado on toast and flounce around the office all day?’

If you speak to anyone who has started their own business or has studied business at University, they say that it normally takes three times as long as you think to launch your business. For some crazy reason after both getting a degree in business management and getting countless advice from entrepreneurs and industry professionals we still didn’t believe it. We actually thought we could launch for Valentine’s Day 2017.

We have spent a fair share of our time making mistakes, and then having to peddle hard to correct them. After a few embarrassing moments, like threatening to sue someone when we didn’t even have a contract, a lawyer or any legal knowledge, we learnt to accept our mistakes and to get on the offensive rather than the defensive.

Thank God for these blunders and the extra time they bought us – because boy did we need it. Apart from our name, Fruity Booty, pretty much everything else in the business is unrecognizable from a year ago. A premature launch would have been a humiliating disaster and as one of our amazing mentors told us, ‘you only make a first impression once, so don’t f it up’.

So, in answer to those questions, we are so grateful for all your support and interest in Fruity Booty over the last year. We launched on the 26th October – the right time for us. 


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