Who’s who? What’s what?

Who’s who? What’s what?

Who’s behind Fruity Booty?

Minna ‘mango’ Bunting and Hattie ‘huckleberry’ Tennant

How did you meet?

At Newcastle University where we both graduated with a degree in Business Management last summer - Hattie with first class honours and Minna not (a touchy subject within HQ).

When did you both realise you wanted to make something better than the underwear out there?

We both lived with sisters growing up, but it wasn’t until we shared a washing machine with eight girls at University that the idea came to us. We were gutted after spending £30+ on knickers and they came out of the wash the same grey as someone's hideous tracksuit. Our underwear drawers seemed to merge into one boring pile of murky cheap knickers with stringy elastic bits flying out next to discoloured designer underwear.  Our frustration motivated us to find a middle ground: and that’s Fruity Booty. 

Where did the name Fruity Booty come from?

We stumbled across Fruity Booty by chance when we were brainstorming names in our kitchen. We were trying to include the word booty somewhere in the business, to make it a bit funnier. We were rhyming words with booty when we came to fruity, and realised it was perfect. I think we laughed for about an hour repeating the name, and imagining it all over stores - until we found the urban dictionary definition and became a bit apprehensive. We decided to stick with it and it was the best choice we ever made. 

Tell us a joke…

To be honest the only jokes we know now are based around fruit as that is pretty much what we spent most of our free time doing.  

What kind of shoes are made out of banana skins?

….. Slippers 

Bra or pants?


Why did you want to partner with CoppaFeel

Coppafeel really caught our eye because of how brilliant their Bra Hijack idea was. It is such a simple way for the lingerie world to make a huge difference and we immediately got so excited to be a part of it. 

Who does what? Or do you both do everything together?

We always joke that Hattie gets lumped with the shit admin jobs and pretend it's because she is good at them but it’s actually because Minna hates doing them. Jokes aside we actually do most things together. We always try and delegate but then get too nosey and want to get involved in the other’s task.

If you could dress five women in Fruity Booty, who would they be and why?

SERENA WILLIAMS because she reigns supreme. Her achievements are a huge inspiration to women in both the sporting and philanthropic arenas. But also because she embraces her strong body, which is amazing to see. 

RIHANNA because its Rihanna.

CINDY CRAWFORD because a lot of our shape inspiration comes from the 80s/90s era, and who would better rock the high waisted knickers than the queen herself?

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD because she stands for much more than just fashion. Her incredible drive to fight for change in the world and the causes she stands for are something everyone should look up to and follow. And of course, because she is the woman that said, “You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes”.

VALENTINA because she is beyond gorgeous.