Caity Hennessy X Fruity Booty

Born from the notion that women shoudl support and encourage the successes of other females, came the collaboration of three women, 'Fruity Booty X Caity Hennessy'. A limited-edition collection designed in Paris by writer and model Caity Hennessy. 


What began as an Instagram interaction spurred by their mutual love of sustainable fashion, merged into Fruity Booty's first Collaboration. It is also their first lingerie collection to be produced in their hometown, London, with every single element sourced from deadstock supplies from the UK. 


The Design inspiration stemmed from the strong impact that Paris had on Australian Caity Hennessy. For Caity, living in Paris has brought with it the notion of how important lingerie is to make women feel comfortable and confident beneath and outside their clothes. 


Each woman involved, from the creation of the collection to the photoshoot, was chosen as someone who constantly paves the way for supporting females within their industry. 


Each piece gracefully intertwines with each other, carefully designed to allow the wearer to add the bra to the dress or top if they want more detail at the neckline. Inspired by the effortless beauty of Parisians, Caity designed a collection that could easily be incorporated into the Fruity Booty's woman's daily wardrobe. 

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