Complimentary 'Merry Titmas' card in every single order until Sunday

Physical Gift Card

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  • Select from the box on the right the amount you want to gift 
  • If the amount you would like is not available, send us an email and we will sort it for you 
  • A physical gift card (as seen in the image) will be sent to the shipping address with a postcard 
  • If you would like to say something special, please write this in your order notes and we will write it onto the postcard for you 
Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card

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Size Guide

Size Guide

Below is the size guide for our products. Please note these are just what we recommend.














Medium 10-12 38-40 6-8
Large 12-14 40-42 8-10







Small  28-30 A-B
Medium 30-32 B-C
Large  32-36 C-DD

Other helpful information for you guys: 

  • If our knicker style is 'high-rise' than the kicker should be worn above the hips or it will appear large 

Still confused? No worries, give us a booty call on : +44 (0) 7901 740 239 or email us at:,

Please bear in mind that as a small company we are not yet able to cater to all sizes. This is Fruity Booty’s goal for the future, so if we do not have your size yet keep your eyes peeled.