Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Fruity Booty?

Fruity Booty garments are exclusively available on our website, and are not sold on any other website or store.

Where are Fruity Booty pieces made?

All Fruity Booty underwear is made in our amazing factory in Portugal, and our nightwear & clothing is made in our hometown, London. For more information on sourcing of fabrics, factory conditions and workers contracts feel free to email us and we can tell you all about it.

What currency do you charge?

All of our products are priced in British Pounds (GDP). Your credit card will be charged in British Pounds and then converted to your local currency by your bank on your account statement.

What if the item I received is damaged or faulty?

We always strive to make sure all of our pieces are of the highest standard and quality. However, if you have a concern with a faulty or damaged item, please get in touch with us straight away. We will offer you a free exchange or refund.